Episode One – “Our Stories” Resources

If you’ve already listened to episode one of Funeral Stories, we’re happy to fill in some of the blanks. Here, Laura and Casey fill in some of the blanks by providing some visuals to give a more detailed picture. You can read the show notes here and listen to the episode here.

Casey talked about her Mema’s funeral:

  • If you’re interested in knowing more about the woman she loved and called “Mema”, you can read her obituary here
  • After the service, the family signed the casket like a yearbook.


And finally, saving the best signature for last…

Casey’s mom wrote, “See Ya Later!”, “Keep It Classy :)” and “Bye 4 Now”

Laura’s story:

  • Laura discussed growing up in the funeral industry and memories of her family during that time
  • She discussed the death of her father and how people rallied around her in the days, weeks, months, and even years after

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