Episode One – “Our Stories”

In episode one of “Funeral Stories“, Laura and Casey introduce who they are, why they’re here and each share a personal funeral story.

Casey shares the story of her Mema’s passing, having suffered from Alzheimer’s for almost a decade. Not typically a funny situation, the circumstances surrounding her death made for a unique and hilarious story. From confusion around when she actually passed away, planning while her mom and aunt were out of the country on a Walking Dead themed cruise, to the family signing the casket with Sharpies like a yearbook, her funeral story is the first of many on this new podcast.

Laura grew up in the funeral industry and boy does she have stories to share! Her unusual childhood spent in cemeteries and sharing funeral stories around the dinner table with her family gives her a unique perspective on the business of dying. On the pilot episode, she shares the story of her dad passing away when she was 12 from a hereditary protein deficiency. It gets really personal, but 20+ years removed from the situation she is able to reflect on his death as the defining moment in who she would later become. She shares stories of the people that “showed up” for her after her loss and recounts how growing up in the funeral industry with a loving and hilarious father has helped her find humor in the darkest of times.

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A podcast about the crazy, cringeworthy, hilarious & heartfelt stories that come with saying goodbye. Submit your ⚰️ stories at funeralstoriespodcast@gmail.com

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