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Cameron Harrelson, Episode 3 Guest

In episode three, we invited Cameron Harrelson to share his funeral stories with us. Cameron is a man of many talents and has over 3,000 hours as a funeral director apprentice and embalmer (he assisted in the embalming of his own grandfather!!!). His experience makes him more than qualified to speak on many aspects of death and grief, from the technical to the spiritual. In addition to his apprenticeship, Cameron played piano for, sang at, and officiated many funerals during his time in the industry. He is also ordained with the Universal Life Church and believes in its mantra, “we are all children of the same Universe”. In his spare time, he enjoys making music, meeting new people, and enjoying downtown Athens, GA.

In episode three’s resource guide, we wanted to share some photos of Cameron (so you could put a handsome face to that beautiful voice) and some photos of Cameron’s dearly departed he spoke about in episode three. Oh, and you can listen to episode 3 on iTunes, SoundCloud, or on our blog. And don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe!

Check out some photos of Cameron and his loved ones below:

Oh, and if you want to hear more of Cameron’s beautiful voice, check out this song he wrote for National Coming Out Day. It’s absolutely beautiful and gave us, yet again, full body chills.

Cameron’s insight on grief and loss was so unique and fascinating that we didn’t want this episode to end. It’s one of our favorite episodes thus far and we can’t wait to have him back! Thanks for joining us, Cameron!

Follow Cameron’s personal Instagram: @lifeofcameron

Follow Cameron’s wedding officiant business: @marryingathens

If you have any questions for Cameron, please email them to funeralstoriespodcast@gmail.com.

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