S2 E11 & 12: Jennie’s Story

IMG_3261This Week we sit down to chat with entrepreneur, Jennie Cain! We’ve been so excited to bring Jennie on ever since she sent us a message on Instagram telling us about her story. Her story of loss will pull at your heartstrings, but it will also hopefully inspire you to follow your heart and find beauty in the darkest places… It has certainly inspired us. There was so much to process and unpack, we ended up dividing it into two episodes:

In Episode 11, she discusses growing up Cuban-American in Miami, FL, her move to the suburbs of Atlanta with her amazing grandparents, a lively uncle that helped shape her into the beautiful person she is today, and the incredible love for her husband, Cory, and daughter, Viva.

In Episode 12, we hear more about her beloved uncle and the chaos surrounding his funeral. We also talk a bit about the ambiguous grief she has surrounding a mother who is absent, though still alive, but she wraps it all up with some pretty profound insight into living and loving yourself. We hope you enjoy listening as much as we did getting to know Jennie.

Check out her amazing vintage store on Instagram: @viva_wild

Listen to the podcast below and email any funeral story you’d like to share to hello@funeralstories.com.

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